Corporate services

Transaction advice and real estate transactions

Leading valuation services provider
We provide informed, market facing, independent advice on all property types and a whole range of property interests, from one-off valuations to valuations of entire portfolios.

Understanding the market
All Valuation and Advisory services are underpinned by our market intelligence, in-depth research and data, informed by our network around the world and the transactions carried out through the years. 

Advisory & Transaction Services creates value for our investor clients by carefully choosing the best talents in our network and our transaction capabilities with a client’s investment objectives. 

We provide real estate investors with a proven marketing and leasing strategy that delivers the best outcome aligned with our clients’ investment objectives. Our experienced professionals are experts in developing tailored, comprehensive strategies to create value across all commercial real estate asset classes – office, industrial, residential, care-homes and retail. We offer a full range of services. These include lease structuring advice and support for consolidation or relocation projects involving the disposal of all types of property for existing use or highest and best alternative use. We offer a dedicated service to corporate occupiers, providing analysis, recommendations and executional management.

Our corporate capital markets services include:
Sale and Leasebacks, Portfolio Strategies, Surplus Asset Alternative Use Strategies, Surplus Asset Sales, Build-To-Suit Financing and Lease Advice.

In advising both buyers and sellers, we have a thorough view of the market and we can offer the best possible impartial advice to our clients. When paired with our market research, we anticipate worldwide trends and direct capital successfully, making us the best choice for our clients’ investment management needs.

We are advising:

Individual and Institutional investors, Owners, Developers, Opportunity funds and Sovereign wealth funds.

We work in Finland

for the largest domestic institutions and the international investors who are active in Finland. Transactions range from single assets to offices and shopping centres to hotels, residential properties, care-homes, industrial buildings and logistics.

Our Network

consists of a large number of international specialists with direct access to global decision-makers

Leasing and Tenant representation


We represent all major property owners in Finland and help them by searching the best tenants into their vacant premises with 30-years of experience.

Tenant Representation

When your requirements for space or business have changed. You are unsure what other options are out there?

Whatever your reasons for considering a move, this stage is filled with uncertainties. Should you expand within your building? Find a totally new space? Or would renovating your current space be enough to improve workflow?

Once you come to that decision, there are things to consider as you inevitably change over the course of your lease. Five or ten years is a long time to be stuck in the same location under the same terms.

Markets fluctuate, employees multiply, new technologies emerge. One thing is certain: you need to make room for the future even if you can’t predict it.

Whether that means a moderate renovation or full-tilt relocation, this guide will help you start the discussion. So, if and when you decide to move (and even if you don’t), you’ll know exactly what to expect and ensure the dynamics of your business instead of being a prisoner of a bad lease.

We’ll find the right space to suit your business plans and negotiate optimal lease terms. 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We advise the tenant whether you need help in finding suitable premises for your business or you need help in renegotiating your current lease.

Our services include workplace consultation, finding the best suitable premises that supports your business (also off-market premises), competitive bidding of landlords, qualitative and quantitative analysis of space alternatives, site visits, recommendations for solutions and contract negotiations. 

With our experience, in-depth commercial property market and lease term intelligence we can negotiate the best terms for your lease. Together with our experienced partners we can take the responsibility of the coordination of your relocation process. We also ensure that the entire process is completed on time.


We help you to create successful property development projects.
We are the leading expert in modular construction in Finland.

In both mature and emerging markets, we work extensively with public and private developers, city authorities, investors and land owners to help them optimize the returns from their new and existing real estate developments. We understand every step of the investment and development process and protect your interests by helping you make fully informed and best decisions. ​

To achieve the right balance among risk, cost and opportunity, we perform financial feasibility studies and real-time market analysis. We’ll help you assess the most appropriate form, timing and positioning for your development, taking into account market conditions, local regulations and funding considerations. 

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